One of the biggest goals for me as a creator is to be able to create my own stories and characters. Fantasy has always been a genre I've always wanted to tackle. So for a start I want to introduce you guys to my first fantasy headsmasher NORGRID.
The inspiration behind this character was to try to bring my own mix between characters like Kratos (God of War) and Geralt (Witcher). Having that mix of being immortal and having super strength, magical abilities, which I will be showcasing in the next set of images coming soon. I had a friend told me once when he first saw these images, "It's like 300 meets Assassin's Creed." 
The background in each of these images as you can tell has alot of darkness, dirt, and dust that symbolizes alot of the destruction from the war that is going on in his world. I will not spoil who is the cause of this but I'm share more of that later.  
I will continue to develop his origin story, and where he came from real soon. We got more characters from his world coming as well. I'm super excited to share the rest of it with you guys. Enjoy the character art! 
Thank you to my amazing team my brutha' Eric Matos who cosplayed as Norgrid and smashed the part with his intimidating look! And most of all, to my amazing special FX make up artist Ms Tara Mcdade! I love both of you guys! Thank you for believing in my vision! Looking forward to our future in creating great art together! 
So I want to give a special shoutout to one of my favorite photographers of all time my bro Mario Olvera (If you haven't heard of his photography, please check him out. He's AMAZING!). I have to thank him for allowing me to play around with his brand new Photoshop plugin called ONIRIC. It's so POWERFUL and effective for making your images pop and glow. All you Photoshop nerds out there should check it out. IT'S AMAZING! CLICK HERE
My results are down BELOW: 

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